Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Frango Attack!!!!

Frango is the name of our product that is frozen chicken chop. this frozen chicken chop is the one and only in Malaysia because we are the first company discover that Malaysian people today want any types of instant food. we get this idea from the japanese country that produce so much vending food. why not we try to make the jobs MORE EASIER... which is make the Chicken chop easy to prepare.. just buy it and fry it... Simple as that!! and YuMMY delicious!!
                                                         Frango Brand~~~ no. 1 in TOWN!!

Assalamualaikum .... and a very good day! We would to invite all of you especially UiTM Penang students and lecturers to our Young Entrepreneur's Day at Laman Perdana UiTM Penang on 8th April 2011. our booth present the first in Malaysia halal frozen chicken chop! so come and meet us at there.. we give u a sample for try it! please like this page! TQ~~~!
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